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SmileXpress is one of our quick orthodontic treatment options

If you don’t have a structural issue in your mouth or only need slight re-adjusting, SmileXpress is definitely for you.

SmileXpress delivers long-lasting results that you can see in only 6-9 months. The SmileXpress treatment plan fits easily around busy lifestyles and is suitable for all ages.

This can be a tricky decision for some, but do not hesitate! Feel free to call us to ask away all your questions and queries.

If you’re looking to make small, but big changes to your teeth – maybe to improve alignment in your smile or close up all the gaps – SmileXpress might be right for you.

Quick Treatment

If you have little notice to give or little time to take out for the full SmileXpress treatment, don’t fret! We have a quick treatment for this. This is the perfect treatment for formal photo shoots, if you’ve got formal coming up or any event you’d like to quickly straighten your teeth for.

Going away? Tight schedule? You’re still eligible!

Results may vary so please visit our clinic or contact us in regard to your results with our quick treatment.

Full Treatment

If time is not a worry for you and you are in need of a full teeth alignment, you are the perfect candidate for our full SmileXpress treatment. To undergo this treatment, first, we get to know you and your teeth very well. We’ll then analyse your mouth and teeth alignment. You will be shown what we are going to do and how we are going to do this treatment. After you have been introduced to the lovely orthodontists and the treatment you are going to undergo, you will either book your next consultation where you will have your teeth aligned or you can jump straight into it!

At SmartSmile Orthodontics, we believe there is no negotiation in the quality you expect and the quality we give. All treatments are treated by specialist orthodontists and begin with a full consultation and accurate analysis, prior to the procedure.

Don’t wait! Come visit our clinic or book here.

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