What is a twin block appliance?

What is a twin block appliance?

Many parents wonder when exactly they should begin orthodontic treatment for their kids.

Some children are simply able to wear braces, eventually giving them that picture perfect smile, but there are times when other orthodontic treatments are necessary at an earlier age.

Why is it needed?

The Twin Block appliance is the latest development in orthodontics, and when worn consistently during their growing phase, has the ability to normalise your child’s jaw growth. The best age for the Twin Block to be worn is between 10 – 12 when the child’s bones are still soft and pliable, making them easier to correct. There have been many cases of patients up to 40 years old who have also benefited from Twin Block, so age is not necessarily a defining factor.

The Twin Block is an advanced treatment of the correction of Class II malocclusions (the protrusion of the upper teeth or the retrusion of the lower teeth and/or jaw). Twin Block can also treat a deep bite, certain cranial mandibular disorders or temporal mandibular disorders (TMD) without requiring headgear or surgery.

When it comes to problems with tooth alignment, often the cause is an imbalance in the growth of jaw bones. The simplest example would be an overbite, which is caused either by a prominent upper jaw or a small lower jaw. In these cases, Smart Smile Orthodontic’s qualified Dr Jude might recommend a Twin Block appliance to wear prior to the braces being put on, if necessary.

What is the Twin Block?

The Twin Block is one of the best appliances to help jaw bones develop to their correct shape, size and position. It is comprised of two plates – one for the upper teeth and one for the lower teeth. They are removable and are sometimes accompanied by headgear depending on the growth requirements of the wearer.

Despite them being removable, these bite blocks are designed to be worn full-time.

The Twin Block is crafted by a skilled technician and serves to encourage lower jaw growth. This powerful jaw aligning brace is made of two blocks that serve to reduce an overjet in the wearer. The ideal overjet, your top teeth should rest in front of your bottom teeth by about 2 – 4mm. Anything more than this is considered problematic and usually referred to as an overbite.

How does it work?

The Twin Block harnesses the power of your chewing muscles to help correct the jaw.

It can be tiring on the jaw, particularly when first eating. If this is the case, do remove the appliance for a short while until you get used to it but remember it is that chewing power that encourages quicker improvement. The top block is also usually fitted with an expansion screw that will need to be turned as directed by your orthodontist.

Of all the oral appliances, Twin Block is the most comfortable, effective and aesthetic because of how inconspicuous they are.

Cleaning the appliance

When it comes to oral hygiene, the Twin Block can simply be removed, and teeth brushed as usual. It is imperative to clean the appliance as well. You can use toothpaste and a toothbrush to scrub it but you do also need to use a retainer cleaning solution four to five times a week.

Daily activities

We recommend that you keep the Twin Block in for as many activities as possible but there are instances where it is better to remove the appliance. When playing sport, it is better to store your twin block in its brace box. The same goes for playing a wind instrument.

If you suspect that you or your child may benefit from a Twin Block appliance, book a consultation at our Ferny Grove offices where one of our qualified staff will be able to conduct a full analysis. Call (07) 3851 0666 to book an appointment today

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