Surviving Your First Halloween with Braces

Surviving Your First Halloween with Braces

Experiencing Halloween with braces for the first time? Your child is probably more scared of missing out on their share of treats and sweets, than any other monster or ghost!

With braces, however, it is a known fact that there are many food and drink guidelines they have to follow. These restrictions include eliminating hard and sticky candies, and the harmful but tasty toffee treats.

So how can your child enjoy Halloween while still preventing any damage to their teeth or braces? Continue reading for 3 tips and tricks on how to enjoy Halloween without an emergency trip to the orthodontics!

Keep Braces-Friendly Candy

Even though while trick-or-treating, you can’t help what your child gets given in their bucket of Halloween goods, you can still keep a supply of brace-friendly candies or treats on hand at home that your child can enjoy worry-free.

Soft candy such as chocolate candy and soft and chewy cookies are all excellent choices. Alternatively, what’s the harm in baking your own goods?

Make Your Own Sweets 

Don’t be mistaken; we’re not asking you to start the next Willy Wonka factory, or are we? But, it could still be beneficial and a fun activity to bake alternative (braces-friendly) Halloween goods.

These treats could include something as simple but delicious as some mouth-watering brownies or chewy cookies. These are also a perfect snack if you are hosting or attending a Halloween party that everyone can enjoy, with braces or not!

Monitor Your Child’s Brushing

… and flossing! Just like every other year, Halloween sweets will most probably be lingering around the house for weeks.

The team here at Smart Smile Orthodontics can’t stress how important it is that you are monitoring your child’s brushing and flossing. Some parents also set the limitation of Halloween candy for the chores they complete, or a certain amount per day or week.

The extra sugar in your child’s diet at this time can lead to excess plaque build-up, which can lead to tooth decay. As well as establishing candy in moderation, ensure your child is drinking a lot of water. Drinking water allows any sugar in the braces or coating the surface of the teeth to wash away.

Halloween at Smart Smile Orthodontics

Just remember that you are the parent, and you are your child’s biggest influence. Halloween does not have to result in detrimental health effects or broken brackets. Take a moment to make it educational to help them learn about moderation and orthodontic care.

Happy Halloween from the team at Smart Smile Orthodontics! Get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s braces this Halloween.

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