Is Having Straight Teeth Important?

Is Having Straight Teeth Important?

Most people want to have straight teeth for aesthetic reasons. But did you know that crooked teeth actually pose real health risks? In this blog, we discuss why having straight teeth is important and how the team at Smart Smile Orthodontics in Brisbane can help.

Benefits of straight teeth

Straightening your smile will not only help enhance your overall facial aesthetics, but you will also experience:

Less risk of tooth decay and gum disease

A straight, smooth surface is easier to clean than misaligned teeth. This way you only have to worry about two sides of your teeth, rather than multiple sides of crooked teeth. It may also be easier to get to hard to reach places when flossing.

This will help you remove trapped food in your teeth and avoid plaque and tooth decay. Red and swollen gums can be diminished, as this is often the result of teeth that are too widely spaced or too crowded. Your gums will fit around your teeth better, reducing your risk of developing gum disease.

Less chance of physical injury to the teeth

When teeth are misaligned, the risk of dental fractures increases, as well as greater impact to the soft tissues such as the cheeks and lips. However, even if you have straight teeth it is recommended to wear a mouthguard during contact sports.

Better speaking ability

Gapped, protruding, or crowded teeth can affect your speaking patterns. Speech is formed through teamwork of the teeth and tongue. They create sounds by curling or pressing your lips against the teeth. With straight teeth, you may experience better pronunciation on certain letters.

Increased chewing function

The digestion process speeds up when you chew your food more thoroughly. Poorly chewed food causes the stomach and intestines to work harder. You may end up absorbing less nutrition and experience stomach issues. Even healthy eaters who don’t chew their food properly can suffer from an unhealthy gut.

Less wear and tear

Every time you bite, your teeth are sustaining pressure. Extra pressure can cause your teeth to wear down sooner than they should.

Straight teeth can also reduce the risk of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) – this is an issue that is usually caused by excessive pressure placed on the jaw joints, resulting generally from misaligned jaws. TMD can create pain in other areas such as headaches, back pain and neck pain.

Another condition straight teeth can help avoid is abnormal tooth erosion – this occurs when misalignment causes teeth grinding (bruxism) which slowly erodes the enamel and weakens the teeth.

How to get straight teeth

It is never too late or too early to start on the path to straight teeth. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix, but investing in your oral health will lead to fewer health problems later in life and a better quality of life.

At Smart Smile Orthodontics in Brisbane, we offer a range of orthodontic treatment options that allow you to continue to lead your normal life, whilst discreetly straightening your teeth. From braces to Invisalign, our Orthodontist Dr Jude can tailor a treatment program to suit your specific requirements.

If you or your family has concerns about the alignment of their teeth, contact the Smart Smile team to schedule an appointment.

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