Do you need a braces mouthguard?

Do you need a braces mouthguard?

Do I need a braces mouthguard?

Just because you have braces does not mean that you can no longer participate in your favourite sports. Braces on their own pose a risk of injuring your mouth but a braces mouth guard will offer protection for your teeth, gums and jaw. There are various options available to suit most needs and budgets and allow you to get back on the sports field with less concerns.

Why would I need a mouthguard?

Obviously more heavy contact sports such as boxing and rugby do ordinarily require that you wear a mouthguard, but there is still a risk of orthodontic injury even in low-contact sports as well. There is still a risk of injury in competitive sports that involve balls, bats, racquets and other equipment and accidents do happen in spite of safety precautions. Unfortunately if you are wearing braces when one of these accidents occurs, you may require extensive treatment to repair the braces as well as to fix any damage they may have done. Fortunately a braces mouthguard can lower the risk of damage during these types of injuries.

How is a braces mouthguard different?

Due to the fact that your braces already take up a significant amount of space in your mouth, a braces mouthguard is a little more roomier than a regular mouthguard while still offering the same level of protection. This extra width means that the guard is able to not only cover your braces but also to your teeth and gums while not impeding your breathing.

Why come in to the dentist for a braces mouthguard?

There are a number over-the-counter mouthguards available for purchase. Though they may be cheaper, they cannot be altered. The boil-and-bite guard is heated before you place it in your mouth and bite down on it which should provide a fairly good fit. But at the dentist’s office, you will be asked to bite down on a mould whereafter a dental appliance manufacturer will create a guard to perfectly fit your mouth impression. These custom-made mouthguards offer more comfort and durability that an over-the-counter counterpart would. At SmartSmile Orthodontics Brisbane, we take care to block out any areas where your teeth might be moving in the near future so that your mouthguard will last you all season.

When should I wear my braces mouthguard?

You should wear your braces mouthguard whenever you are playing a contact sport, even if you are only practising because this is often when accidents happen. Remember forget to lift the front edge of your mouthguard over your braces when you are putting it in and taking it out. If you don’t do this, chances are that you will break one of your front braces by pushing on it too much.

How to clean of your braces mouthguard?

Used mouthguards are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi so it is imperative that you properly clean your device after it has been used. After it has been worn rinse the mouthguard in cold water. Every now and then you can freshen it up by brushing it with your toothbrush and toothpaste or by soaking it in diluted mouthwash or an anti-microbial solution to prevent any unwanted visitors from colonising on your mouthguard while you sleep.

Taking care of your braces mouthguard

When you are not using it, use store your mouthguard on its mould to keep its shape and keep it in its protective box. Don’t leave it on hot surfaces like the car dashboard or the home hot water system. It is made of thermoplastic material and will soften with heat, losing its precise shaping for your teeth.

Is a mouthguard a guarantee against injury?

Unfortunately a mouthguard cannot guarantee that dental injuries won’t happen. It will, however, greatly lessen the degree of injury. In most minor bumps a mouthguard will prevent any damage being done to your jaw joints, teeth and soft tissues. Many teeth have been saved by mouthguards and many have been unnecessarily lost because a mouthguard was not being worn! For more information on custom fit mouthguards click here to contact us and book an appointment today.

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